Daytona Beach

As a child we used to pack up and go to Florida once per year every summer and hit the beaches. One of those beaches was Daytona Beach which we loved because it had the Boardwalk where you could play games, walk up and down the beach, and eat ice cream and other good stuff along the path. It was always fun because there was just a lot going on down there all the time at the boardwalk. People would come from all over to be in Daytona beach and have a good time together.

One of Daytona Beaches main highlights was the fact that you could drive on the beach along the surf. My buddy at Immigration Attorney Gwinnett had a jeep and it was the best ride on the beach. You had to be real careful at high tide though, since the water would rise up and pull some cars on the ocean! We saw it every year, teenagers and young folks would underestimate the surf and get a little too close to the water, and the and would collapse underneath their tires which would put them in the shallow part of the ocean. Then they would have to be towed out afterwards, pretty embarrassing to say the least in front of all the beachgoers that were basking in the sun. Anyway, it was a great place to “cruse” as they say and just people watch from Continue reading Daytona Beach

Destin Beaches

In this blog post we will be discussing the beaches at Destin, FL and what all it entails. We now love going to destin more so than Panama City since it is a little less spring breakish and more quiet. Although in the last several years it has become really busy and getting closer and closer to a party beach with all of the new condos, hotels and hot spots. It is a little more upper class then Panama City, so we do like going there once a year as well.

Destin, Florida is approximately a forty minute drive down the coast from Panama City Beach area. There are lots of additional beaches along the way as well in between that have exploded in growth over the last few decades. Those areas in the past were literally non existent and only had a few condos and houses scattered around. Now, they are full fledged beaches and tourist destinations as well! Places like Seaside beach, and Seagrove beach and a few others. I know a guy who owns a condo there, he owns Gutter Cleaning Roswell Ga and does pretty well. Anyway, Destin was a cleaner beach and more family friendly option that Panama City beach years back, but has quickly become the most popular beach area of the panhandle! This has slowly began to get more Continue reading Destin Beaches

Panama City Beach, a pastime

Thank you for visiting our new blog about Florida and the beaches that it has to offer! We are excited about blogging on these subjects and our favorite beaches in the state. We hope you will visit often and give us some insight on what you like and don’t like about the state.

Panama City beach is probably the most famous beach for beach goers in the state of Georgia, Alabama, and maybe Mississippi. Not sure about the last state, but I know for sure on the first two! We would go down to Panama City beach every other year during the summer as kids growing up with our parents and enjoy the beaches and weather. It was always a fun trip, only around six hours from Atlanta area so we would be there quickly. But, when you are a kid, the old question of “Are we there yet”? would pop up every hour, hahaha. My friend who works at gutter cleaning atlanta ga has kids that ask that every 30 minutes! Our parents would always get sick of us asking…anyway, it was and still is a place of fun times.

Each year we would pack the car up and head down to Florida for a beach vacation! I still remember being on the beach, swimming in the pool and ocean and riding go carts at the local places. Also, we had to eat at Continue reading Panama City Beach, a pastime